Motion measurement with official HD / ED x-ray

Aim of the kinetic measurement in HD / ED x-ray


Since an x-ray image does not speak, we can use the kinetic measurement to objectively quantify and qualify the dog's movement pattern.


We know that the problem of HD has a genetic component. It is a polygenic disease. Which means that more than one gene is involved and thus it very difficult to assess the occurrence. X-rays, including early X-rays, taken at the age of 6 months, help in the evaluation. In addition to genetics, the phenotype and the environmental factors, are also important. These include exercise and nutrition. With my new diagnostic method, the kinetic measurement, mentioned above, I can monitor the motion. The HD / ED x-rays only show the radiological representation of the hips and elbows but a conspicuous motion pattern cannot be diagnosed - which then turns out to be a disadvantage when the evaluation results in an A-hip and the elbow is 0. This is desirable, but it does not give an explanation, if the dog has a conspicuous walk. At best you have an evaluation of the C-hips and then might worry about possible disadvantages and the risk of osteoarthritis.


To fill this deficiency, we pre-examine our candidates for the official HD / ED X-ray with our new technique, the "canine locomotion analysis". Through the objectively collected parameters, we can quantify and also qualify the dog's movement pattern.


Video Patient Oskar 4.11.2015





Please note the following:

The red dots are the values before the treatment

The yellow dots are the values after the treatment




Looking at the movement pattern above, we notice the swaying walk as well and the special pattern in the sitting position. The swaying walk is called "cat-walk". The vertical force is clearly altered, with 13.77% and 13.36%. These relative power ratios correspond to a dog with a C-hip according to the German evaluation. According to CH-evaluation this would be a D-hip. This makes it obvious that an alteration is to be expected. The normal relative "vertical force axis" is 20% on both sides. Thus, with a 7% reduction per hind limb, the patient has a significantly reduced leverage. It is striking that after the manual orthopaedic therapy (ORMT), the force axis of the hind hand has improved immediately with an increase of 19.2% on the left side and 16.6% on the right side. This finding is relevant, because now a subsequent physiotherapy for the further development of the muscles, makes sense. Another noteworthy parameter is the increase in symmetry of the hindquarters from 41.59% to 62%, which corresponds to an improvement of 50%.


It goes without saying that this positive development and assessment was possible only because the movement pattern was measured reliably and objectively. To achieve further progress, measuring the movement pattern regularly is advisable and if necessary, manual therapy can be carried out.

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