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Functional Movement Diagnostics - "Radar Measurement of Motion"

These days, the orthopaedic patient "Dog" is more often to be found in the small animal practice. Frequently his introduction will be accompanied with the explanation that "my dog can't walk properly", or "my dog has a strange gait, or hops, but it's not the kneecap, and everyone says it's a tick". I hear such stories every day in my orthopaedic dog practice.

To make matters worse, in a conventional small animal practice, an orthopaedic patient will be allocated just under 10 minutes. This is the conclusion reached by various authors in their analysis (Flocke et al, 2001, and Robinson et al, 2014). This is very little time, and certainly inadequate to carry out a thorough gait analysis outside with the dog. Despite "high-tech medicine", many orthopaedic problems remain undiagnosed, and in turn the pet is left without a clearly targeted efficient therapy. Very often this will be the beginning of a long (and expensive) odyssey for their owners. By way of the explanations in the following video, we would like to prevent this.  

In the video, on one hand we describe the causes, and consequences, of orthopaedic diseases, and on the other, we show case-studies from our practice. In this way, the theoretical part is supported pictorially, and with video sequences. This should help you to gain a better understanding. In the final part of this video, we deal specifically with the prophylaxis and avoidance of orthopaedic diseases in puppies, and growing dogs, and give advice on how to build up a puppy in a gentle way from an orthopaedic point of view. 




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